White Shame Con Game

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Mark Levin: The White Shame Con Game

Imagine being told that, because you are WHITE, you are RACIST. Now, imagine prostrating yourself at the altar of Critical Race Theory and repenting of your whiteness. Welcome to the cult of American Marxism and Critical Race Theory. As Mark reveals, the Washington Post has teamed up with the purveyors of CRT to release a sinister new propaganda video. It's message: self-hate and dehumanization dressed up as progress and righteousness. And as Mark warns, these Marxists are playing long ball. It's time we take the fight to them.

Dismantle White Supremac y

Silence Is NOT An Option

BOYCOTT Ben & Jerrys

Watch This 8-Second Video…Proves White Liberal Women Are the Biggest Danger Facing This Country…

Eyes Wide Shut - Evil Unseen

Open your Eyes...... it is hard, I know, but closing our eyes does not help these kids. Since the White hat team children finally have hope someone cares. This is a small data dump. Watch all the videos at Bitchute and Brighteon links bottom of page.

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