White ANTIFA Snowflakes Harass African American Crime Victims in Oakland

So here you have the Democrat's Marxist Goon Squads, mostly affluent white snowflakes from mommies basement in the suburbs, harassing Black crime victims who have lost loved ones to VIOLENT CRIME- Not POLICE. These courageous people dared to buck the Democrat mandate that they must Hate the Police. Instead they demonstrated that they know what time it is and that they understand this official divide and conquer storyline is total BULLSHYTE and will lead to more death in their neighborhoods.

The audacity of these Marxist punks yelling at them to believe the anti police lies of the Democrats as they bury their loved ones, victims of the defund the police movement, is abhorrent.

I pray others, of all races and creeds, stand up to these Marxist Thugs protected from the law by big pocket elites and their Democrat/RINO puppets trying to enslave all of us.

Affluent Basement dwelling White Marxist Punks Harass Black Crime Victim Families in Oakland

Just weeks after Oakland lawmakers voted to slash funding from the Oakland police department, a reporter witnessed what he called a “surreal” moment in Oakland on Saturday — black families rallying to support police while “mostly white” Antifa protesters demonstrated against police.

The Democrats are only protecting their long held ability to commit voter fraud. Almost every nation on the planet requires ID to vote in these critical elections. But in their spin against making the voting process secure, they reveal their true feelings about minorities

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