Vaccine Side Effects / Adrenochrome

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Mississippi man partially paralyzed, unable to talk after J&J vaccine

Chinese vaccines aren’t highly effective, officials admit

Medical student, 21, died a day after getting J&J vaccine leaving family devastated as officials open an investigation into his death

ALERT!! Caught on Camera: Moderna Vaccine Site - Guy Suffers Immediate Adverse Reaction!!

Dr. Fauci Admits, Under Oath, Biden Admin Is Pushing CDC Guidance on Americans, But Not on Illegal Immigrants

Victim #7 dob 7-18-87.

Dark to Light. Jim Caviezel talks about adrenochrome to a livestream of approx 500,000 people


The Cabal Are Harvesting People For Adrenochrome

Ex-CIA Robert David Steele on the ITNJ Judicial Commission - Topic: Adrenochrome

Adrenochrome Unveiling Video! Subtitled In German! #Pedogate

Pedophiles Luciferians and Adrenochrome

John Podesta Torturing A Little Boy Most Likely For His #Adrenochrome / Viewer Discretion Is Advised

Turkish TV about Adrenochrome! #Pedogate #Wikileaks

Data-dump adrenochrome paper trail (part 2)

How demonic is the Biden/Harris administration? Read the following article and find out for yourself. What's it going to take, folks?

Videos You Won't See on FaceBook

NY Republican: Packing Courts Is Right Out Of The Hugo Chavez Socialist Handbook (VIDEO)

⭐⭐⭐From our favorite General Flynn, at his most recent public appearance at the Health & Freedom conference today🙏 "We have a President"....& the room erupts.💖Love & Light. Janmaree. 💜✨💜✨


This morning, there was discussion about the safety concerns for canvassers, specific to the upcoming Senate audit that will occur in a number of weeks. This will be just 2-3 days of blanket canvassing of specific precinct areas—there will be an attempt to keep these locations off the general radar, but of course it will get out.

The canvassing is very important. In fact, up to this point it has gathered SO MUCH data showing countless irregularities with voting in the last election.

There is a sign up at for canvassers, and also for citizens who might be willing to escort them, and watch for any type of any physical obstruction/threat may be in the works.

The Liz Harris election integrity group is very active in this effort. They meet 3 times a day, 7 days a week, It's an excellent source for up to the minute information. You can follow it on Liz’s livestream meetings on YouTube—

If you are able to accompany canvassers, and help to keep them safe, please contact: A lovely woman, also doing her part!

Democrats in Arizona Are Petrified – They’re Bringing in Marc Elias’s Perkins Coie to Make Threats and Make the Maricopa County Audit Go Away

BUSTED: CNN Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter on #ExposeCNN​ series "I feel really bad for you"

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