Treason - Enemies Foreign and Domestic

EXPLOSIVE REPORT ON SCIENTIFIC TREASON: U.S. Traitors, Driven by Greed, are Betting on the Success of China

BREAKING: FBI Raids Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe’s Home Over Ashley Biden Diary

Jesse Kelly: Who Is Really In Charge Of America? (VIDEO)

Good question!

Pets at

WS#114 Jan6 Prison Revealed, Project Veritas Raided, NFL Star Aaron Rodgers Speaks Out On Jab

Poll: Trump Leading Biden In Potential 2024 Matchup

11.5.21: SOONER or LATER God will cut the DEEP STATE DOWN! Huge victories! BATTLES continue! PRAY!


President Vladimir Putin says that woke ideology is destroying western civilization, condemning far-left progressivism and compared it to Russia’s darkest days during the 1917 communist revolution, in which the Soviets seized the means of production and overthrew the government.

Grocer: ‘Out of 145 orders, only 41 were delivered’ – Thanksgiving shortages and prices spikes ‘should’ awaken Americans that trusted the MSM lies

JUST IN: Never-Before-Seen FBI Footage of Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting – Shows More Proof He Acted in Self Defense, Why Wait Until Now to Release it? – (VIDEO)

Tough Day for Prosecutors of Kyle Rittenhouse

Big Tech, a corrupt media, and dishonest politicians and prosecutors are trying to censor, silence and ruin the life of Kyle Rittenhouse. Fortunately, the truth is on his side, and every American who cares about protecting our basic right of self-defense has a stake in his trial.

Video of Kyle Rittenhouse prior to shooting- Police Thank Militia

To support Kyle’s legal defense and help him tell his story, please make a donation now.


Judge Rules Men Shot By Kyle Rittenhouse Can Be Called Rioters But Not Victims During Trial

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Covid & Vaccine Updates

Read Eyes Wide Shut for more of the agenda........

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The Reality of Child Trafficking

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Covid & Vaccine Updates

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