Teddy Roosevelt Statue Comes Down as George Floyd Goes Up

They removed Roosevelt at the NY museum of Natural History and put Floyd up in Brooklyn.

This is how bad it has gotten. How much control they yield. This is what Fascists do. They erase history and fill the heads of the sheep with lies and distractions, designed to keep us fighting each other. To keep us distracted so we do not pay attention to what goes on behind the curtain.


Time To Be An AMERICAN First!

Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: Sermon Given to Puritans Crossing the Atlantic Is Important Now More Than Ever

Ron DeSantis Overrules Dems, Sets AOC Straight: “The one thing that communist regimes fear the most is the truth” -

Exclusive Audio: Listen to January 6 Detainees Sing the National Anthem

Dozens of Americans held in a Washington D.C. jail have been incarcerated for months awaiting trials that aren’t scheduled to begin until next year.

BUSTED: Maricopa County Elections Official DEMANDED Pens Before the Elections And SHARPIES On Election Day

Georgia Official Explains Why He's Just Now Finding Illegal 2020 Votes

Multiple Agency Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Ribbon Pin 2001-2021 Never Forget

BLATANT TYRANNY: Biden administration now mandating what content to censor from the internet

Covid & Vaccine Updates

Read Eyes Wide Shut for more of the agenda........

This is a small data dump. Watch all the videos at Bitchute links bottom page

The ultimate cleaner and lubricant

-‘Literally criminal’: Suppressing data on ivermectin cost ‘half a million lives’, doctor charges

Covid & Vaccine Updates

Forget Facebook- APN.com on MeWe


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