Rittenhouse - The Left's New Leo Frank Incident

MARY PHAGAN was just thirteen years old. She was a sweatshop laborer for Atlanta, Georgia’s National Pencil Company. Exactly 100 years ago today — Saturday, April 26, 1913 — little Mary (pictured, artist’s depiction) was looking forward to the festivities of Confederate Memorial Day. She dressed gaily and planned to attend the parade. She had just come to collect her $1.20 pay from National Pencil Company superintendent Leo M. Frank at his office when she was attacked by an assailant who struck her down, ripped her undergarments, likely attempted to sexually abuse her, and then strangled her to death. Her body was dumped in the factory basement.

Leo Frank

100 Reasons Leo Frank Is Guilty

The Leo Frank Case- Reasons He Was Guilty - IOTW Report

When Americans Lynched a Jewish Pedophile/Murderer ...

All 3 men shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in self defense were Bolshevik ethnic Jewish communist revolutionaries with CRIMINAL RECORDS

So the Left has it's new Leo Frank.

So predictable. 2 of the 3 savages who attacked Kyle were Bolshevicks, so they use their divide and conquer tactics with anti-Semitism. We understand that all Kyle knew about these lowlifes were they were attempting to kill him.

Unfortunately the simple minded idiots who identify with the left will feed right into it. Some fully understanding this is just a ploy, most blindly following along and believing the lie.

Kyle Rittenhouse defended his life with skill and professionalism. He demonstrated why the second amendment is important. His victory is testament that liberty and freedom are not dead yet......and that frightens the twisted evil left.

Now use the law against the Lawbreakers and Domestic Terrorists that are using this great victory as an excuse to commit terrorism!!!!!

Verdict: Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty on All Charges---A jury in Kenosha, Wisconsin, found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty of all charges Friday, bringing an end to his trial that gripped the nation.

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Videos: Protests Erupt in New York City After Rittenhouse Acquittal: ‘Burn the Precinct to the Ground!’

So BLM is protesting the deaths of 2 Bolshevicks , the 3 scumbags shot were white......Just like that ALL LIVES MATTERED!!!!!!

NBC Producer Who Allegedly Told Underling to Follow Rittenhouse Jury Deletes Twitter, LinkedIn Accounts-----The NBC producer who was accused of telling one of her workers to follow the Kyle Rittenhouse jury

While you were distracted.......

Ghislaine Maxwell jury selection begins for her trial on sex-trafficking charges


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House Judiciary Committee Receives Whistleblower Documents Showing DOJ and FBI are Using Domestic Terrorism Taskforce to Monitor Parents

https://www.bsgco.com/team BENESON STRATEGY GROUP

these monsters are responsible for this:



Everyone of these scum needs to be investigated for crimes against humanity.


the image came from this article.

Kyle was just ACQUITTED and is now officially FREE!

This was a victory for the truth, for justice, and for every American's God-given and unalienable right of self-defense.

We are so overcome with emotion, and as hard as that was, we are thankful.

We are thankful for the millions of Americans who stood with Kyle from the start.

We are thankful for the many others who watched the trial with an open mind, realized that they had been lied to for a year and a half, and spoke out.

And we are thankful to the jury which put aside bias, considered the facts, and came to the right decision.

Now, we will try to return to something that resembles a normal life – however that requires one more major push to settle our case-related debts and pay off what we hope will be our final legal bills.

Any funds left over will be transferred into Kyle's scholarship fund so that he'll be able to graduate from college debt-free.

You'll be hearing from us again, but for now, and from the bottom of our hearts – thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

With love,

Wendy Rittenhouse

Video of Kyle Rittenhouse prior to shooting- Police Thank Militia

To support Kyle’s legal defense and help him tell his story, please make a donation now.


Judge Rules Men Shot By Kyle Rittenhouse Can Be Called Rioters But Not Victims During Trial

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