Puerto Rican Shootout- Graphic

VIDEO: Muere la quinta víctima por herida de bala en la masacre de Cidra en Puerto Rico

A man who was shot during the massacre in front of a business in Cidra, in central Puerto Rico, died Thursday at the Rio Piedras Medical Center, bringing the death toll to five. This fifth victim of the eleventh multiple murder of the year in Puerto Rico was identified as Bryan Alvarez Carrión, 24 years old and a neighbor of Gurabo, according to the police statement released today. The note also indicated that a young man who has not yet been identified and whose condition is unknown was wounded by a bullet in connection with this event. The multiple murder was reported in the evening hours of December 7, in front of the business called La Lomita, located on Los Oliques Street in the Certenejas neighborhood, in Cidra. A call through the 9-1-1 Emergency System alerted authorities to gunfire at the scene, where units found four men on the ground shot dead.

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The deceased were identified as Jonathan Ortiz Castrodad, 27, of Cidra; Jose M. Delgado Rivers, 24; Sebastian Figueroa Camacho, 28; and Andrés Manuel Bonilla Rivera, 38. Agents, assigned to the Homicide Division of the CIC of Caguas in conjunction with the prosecutor on duty continue the investigation. Police Commissioner Antonio Lopez reported yesterday the creation of a special investigation group to clarify the murder of Cidra's multiple. "We created the research group with the purpose of sharing the information and intelligence that we collect in the most agile and efficient way between the different units. We are certain that this case will be clarified," Lopez said.

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