Dec. 31’ 21 Situation Update(On the War front)

Russian military forces have staged a military exercise to practice repelling airstrikes

US deploys all its forces in the Black Sea including F-35

US F-35 Stealth Fighters are now in Europe

Russia & China firming up their alliances regarding common external threats

China hoards over half the world's grain. Will food be used as a weapon?

Russian ''SU-30'' Fighter Jet hit US Arleigh Burke Destroyer!

Russia’s S-550 mobile missile defense system had completed state trials

Russian 'star wars' missile designed to shoot down satellites, nukes and hypersonic weapons

My Summary:

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Prince Andrew’s lawyers reportedly in ‘emergency talks’ after Maxwell guilty verdict

Elite Pedophile Child Trafficker Maxwell Guilty

Hunt, Camp, and Fish - Enjoy Freedom

President Trump Releases List of Joe Biden’s “Record of Complete and Total Failure”

Front pages to remember The New York Post covers that defined 2021

From the attack on the US Capitol to Andrew Cuomo’s resignation, here are The New York Post’s best covers from 2021.

Nationwide March Against CPS Tyranny And Human Trafficking Aims to Activate In 50 States


12.29.21: Our CREATOR is AMAZING! Why is the NG popping up everywhere? Phew LORD...make it RAIN! PRA

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CONFIRMED: The Ashley Biden Diary Is Real, but the FBI Only Cares About Investigating Project Veritas

Ashley Biden Diary / Travis Scott Satanic Sacrifice

Joe Biden's Creepy and Racist Past

Eyes Wide Shut - Evil Unseen

The ultimate cleaner and lubricant

THEY LIED. Watch Fauci, Joe Biden, Dr. Walensky and Bill Gates Ensure You the Vaccine will Stop Transmission — Elites — Until They Changed Their Talking Points (VIDEO)

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Solar Charging Products

Covid & Vaccine Updates

Read Eyes Wide Shut for more of the agenda........

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The Reality of Child Trafficking

The ultimate cleaner and lubricant

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