Possible Criminal Charges On Fauci…

Possible Criminal Charges On Fauci…

Rep. Chip Roy Floats Criminal Investigation into Fauci

Biden Remains “Very Confident” in Fauci

Paul, Carlson suggest Fauci could face criminal charges ...

Tucker Carlson: Is Dr. Fauci under criminal investigation?

Use their fabricated numbers against them. Use all the people they murdered in nursing homes, all those who died because he prevented doctors from using drugs that worked.


SMOKING GUN: FAUCI LIED, MILLIONS DIED — Fauci Was Informed of Hydroxychloroquine Success in Early 2020 But Lied to Public Instead Despite the Science #FauciEmails

Fauci Admits Collusion With Chinese Communists

“Big Tech was censoring posts about the Wuhan lab leak. The media was calling people who talked about the Wuhan lab leak conspiracy theorists,” House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) tweeted. “All while Fauci himself was emailing about COVID-19 possibly leaking from the Wuhan lab. Let that sink in.”

***Full Story Here****

Democrats Ramping Up Efforts for Race War

NEW VIDEOS Emerge of Minnesota’s Winston Boogie Smith Telling BLM Protesters: “Ain’t nobody gonna be beggin for justice…Get ready for war…Bring your guns…your bombs…your rocket launchers!”

EXCLUSIVE: Armed Black Panthers In Tulsa Freak Out At White Guy And an Indian Guy With Guns – Hurl Racist, Hate-Filled Insults at the Two Outsiders (VIDEO)

NYC Psychiatrist Tells Yale Audience She Fantasizes About Shooting White People in the Head and Burying Their Body with Her Bloody Hands

WATCH: Biden Absurdly Claims ‘White Supremacy’ is Bigger Terrorism Threat Than ISIS or Al Qaeda

Four Portland Antifa Terrorists Facing Slew Of Federal Allegations, Including Explosives Charges

Man Who Took a Selfie in Senate Chamber on January 6 Pleads Guilty to One Charge, Faces 20 Years in Prison

“Antifa Wants Me Dead” – Antifa Terrorists Brutally Beat Journalist Andy Ngo While He Was Reporting on Portland Riots Over the Weekend

Revealed: How Bill Barr and Chris Wray Worked to Block Trump’s Efforts to Go After Antifa (VIDEO)

BREAKING: HUGE UPDATE From Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett – ONLY 14 PALLETS ARE REMAINING – Out of 44 Pallets! — And There’s More! (VIDEO)

China State Media Says Country Must Prepare for Nuclear War After Biden Agrees to Watered-Down Covid Probe

“I Do Not Recommend That You Wear a Mask” – Fauci Tells Woman Face Masks Do Not Protect Against Covid #FauciEmails

Covid & Vaccine Updates

Forget Facebook- APN.com on MeWe



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