Pathologized Totalitarianism 101 - by CJ Hopkins - CJ Hopkins

C.J. Hopkins has an interesting background as a playwright, novelist and political satirist (wow! does he have material today or what?). Some think he's a red pilled liberal but I think it's his sarcasm that confuses them. Yes, his collection of essays, Trumpocalypse, was not kind to Trump. But I believe his belief that Trump had no idea what he was getting himself into is accurate. I don't think that's a negative comment. I think it's true and does pose some humor as inflated egos meeting reality often does. Trump has so much as said so.

If Hopkins, today, is a lefty, then I am too because I agree with 98% of what he says in this piece. In fact, I said some of it to a well known RI state senator and possible candidate for governor at an RIRCC meeting a couple of weeks ago but in different terms:

  • Nothing will get fixed until the right people suffer enough at the right time. In a nutshell, I think this is what Hopkins is trying to tell us among other things.

  • Anyone who develops strategies/tactics based on the labels they apply to the opposition, instead of taking the time to understand specifically how the opposition defines success for the short and long term, what weapons they plan to use and the mentality guiding their use, is wasting their time and the time of the people they influence.

And they should start with the acknowledgement that the enemy is pure evil AFTER they have meditated on the meaning of the word, evil, for many hours.

We are up against an enemy that has been outsmarting us for decades. Decades during which we refused to recognize that a war was even going on. We didn't miss it. We refused to recognize it. Our comfort zone was too important.They have masterfully created an environment that defuses every peaceful tactic we've traditionally used. Worse! They flip them and use them as weapons against us. J6!!!! For example. Ironically, their ideology is based on a totally un-Christian and, ergo, warped understanding of human nature. Yet, their strategies/tactics reveal an uncanny perception of the Judeo-Christian human nature. They've done the analysis we have not. They know our limits and weaknesses. And they have mastetfully exploited them. Hell, we still deny the elephant in the room. That the corrupted court system will short circuit every peaceful tactic we can think of, much less use. God help us. We still don't get it.

Back in the day, before I retired, I used to say, the difference between a data point and a crisis is time. To that, today, I add, every tactic has a window opportunity. And as the windows are squandered, the tactics become more difficult and negatively impacting. I just don't see many tactics left that will have any realistic chance of succeeding. And the day is not far off when we will have none.

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You can't make this shyte up......... how the fvck do they keep allowing this???? Oh yeah, our government is now controlled by tyrannical elites using our DOJ and courts to protect themselves. Lost laptops, decline to prosecute, and even "suicides"


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Kyle was just ACQUITTED and is now officially FREE!

This was a victory for the truth, for justice, and for every American's God-given and unalienable right of self-defense.

We are so overcome with emotion, and as hard as that was, we are thankful.

We are thankful for the millions of Americans who stood with Kyle from the start.

We are thankful for the many others who watched the trial with an open mind, realized that they had been lied to for a year and a half, and spoke out.

And we are thankful to the jury which put aside bias, considered the facts, and came to the right decision.

Now, we will try to return to something that resembles a normal life – however that requires one more major push to settle our case-related debts and pay off what we hope will be our final legal bills.

Any funds left over will be transferred into Kyle's scholarship fund so that he'll be able to graduate from college debt-free.

You'll be hearing from us again, but for now, and from the bottom of our hearts – thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

With love,

Wendy Rittenhouse

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To support Kyle’s legal defense and help him tell his story, please make a donation now.


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