Is Hunter's Art for Money Laundering? Revisit Wayfair

The Biden Money Laundering Scheme

Despite making upwards of $80,000 per month working for corrupt Ukrainian gas company Burisma and landing multi-million dollar deals in China, where he still owns a 10 percent stake in Bohai Harvest RST Equity Investment Fund, Hunter Biden just can’t help himself, and neither can President Joe Biden.

Former Obama Ethics Chief On Hunter Biden’s “Art” Scheme: “Can you find anyone other than the president’s son, who showed up on the scene selling art for the price of a house and a half?” [VIDEO]

Money Laundering in the Art World: The Modern Day Heist

This group of financial criminals have historically exploited commodities of sentimental value for money laundering purposes, but what makes the art world one of the most prolific yet least prosecuted money laundering industries? Arguably, the answer lies in the lack of industry regulation, the private nature of deals, and the globalized reach of the market. The modern day heist now consists of a network of individuals, multi-layered schemes, and disappearing acts.

Hunter Biden's Laptop Connected To FBI Money Laundering Probe, Other 'Unknown Specified Unlawful Activity

The Money Laundering Scheme Linked to Hunter Biden

So what do the elite money launder art for? The usual, illicit gains, drugs, etc. But they also use it to pay for human trafficking. Especially the trafficking of children. Wayfair opened a lot of eyes when the extremely overpriced cabinet scheme was exposed. What this video for an explanation of how they were trafficking children on the web.

While we do not know the intent of Hunter's money laundering of his suckass artwork, we do know the buyers are not paying these prices for suck ass art.

Black Conservative Patriot - Even CNN knows this is money laundering and very unethical at the very least

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Another Weekend at the Bidens: Video Emerges of Hunter Biden Whining to His Girlfriend and Dead Brother’s Widow Over Recent Rehab While Smoking Crack

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Read Eyes Wide Shut for more of the agenda........

This is a small data dump. Watch all the videos at Bitchute links bottom page

OPERATION BREAKING CHAINS: 29 Victims Rescued, 363 Human Trafficking Arrests In Florida - Breaking911

The ultimate cleaner and lubricant

Police Beat Protesters, Arrest 11 at MASSIVE “Freedom Day” Demonstration in London; More Lockdowns Looming

Covid & Vaccine Updates

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