Fox Journalist in Texas Uses Live Broadcast Opportunity to Notify Public of Network Censorship

“Whenever possible, throw sand in the machinery”

A brilliant display of strategy as Fox26 (Houston, Texas) Journalist Ivory Hecker uses a live broadcast to notify her audience that Fox News has been censoring the content of media reporting for ideological reasons.

The network couldn’t block the transmission because it was live, and they didn’t know it was coming.

Story and VIDEO here

BOOM! FOX 26 Reporter Announces LIVE ON AIR That She Is Secretly Recording the Channel and Will Release the Video with Project Veritas Tomorrow! (VIDEO)

Remember when CBS reporter Ben Swan dared to investigate Pizzagate? He went into hiding and now works at RT News. Anyone who speaks out is dealt with severely.

How about Lara Logan? She was raped during the Egyptian revolt to Obama installing the Arab Brotherhood

Ex-CBS News reporter Lara Logan recalls being 'gang raped ...

Lara Logan placed on leave over discredited '60 Minutes ...

She spoke out against Benghazi

She then left CBS and continues to try and report the truth .....

CBS’ Lara Logan Just Exposed Leftist Media Bias. Again. So Why Do So Many Media Members Ignore The Criticism?

Fellow Patriots......our nation has been infiltrated through fraud, bribes, and blackmail. Fear Not! The storm is coming! Keep praying for the brave souls leading the charge and for our great nation!

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They Lied And People Died!!!

Covid & Vaccine Updates

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Forget Facebook- on MeWe


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