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Why CEOs are stepping down: 2020's major resignations ...

Are they getting ready for the great reset? Where their companies and our system of capitalism will be crushed?

Reports show them buying up farmland throughout the globe.

Are they in fear of being held accountable for their tyranny?

Or is it just what this Post article says.....

Why CEOs are stepping down: 2020’s major resignations, explained

JUST IN: Senior Advisor and Chief Spokesperson to Kamala Harris Resigns

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey steps down, replaced by CTO Parag

Jeff Bezos is stepping down as Amazon CEO. He'll still ...

Immunovia's CEO to step down during 2022

Hunt, Camp, and Fish - Enjoy Freedom

Corrupt Politicians Overseeing Jan 6 Committee Are Afraid of the Truth – Bannon’s Subpoenas Scare Them to Death

“Kamala Stopped FBI From Monitoring Black Supremacists Like Waukesha Killer. The Waukesha killer’s allies are sitting in the White House.”

Two years ago, Senator Kamala Harris, along with Senator Cory Booker and six other Democrat Senate members, attacked the Justice Department for monitoring black supremacists.

The politicians signed a letter falsely claiming that black identity extremists was “a fabricated term based on a faulty assessment of a small number of isolated incidents”. And they argued that monitoring black racists was racist.

When Kamala Harris was running for president, the privileged daughter of wealthy foreign students falsely claimed that she faced segregation in Berkeley, California. “That little girl was me,” she famously declared.

In Waukesha, Jackson Sparks, an 8-year-old boy, was killed by the black supremacist terrorist whom Kamala Harris had protected. That little boy’s blood is on her hands.

Kamala had joined a crusade by Senator Cory Booker to pressure the FBI to eliminate the black identity extremists category and stop tracking terror attacks by black supremacists.


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Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Live updates and latest coverage

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What Dominick Was Charged With

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Covid & Vaccine Updates

Read Eyes Wide Shut for more of the agenda........

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The Reality of Child Trafficking

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