BREAKING – IT’S HAPPENING! Arizona Election Workers are Running Ultra-Violet Ballot Testing on Maric

BREAKING – IT’S HAPPENING! Arizona Election Workers are Running Ultra-Violet Ballot Testing on Maricopa Ballots (VIDEO)

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Can you tell me if this sounds abusive?

My friend's husband won’t let her visit any friends or family. He has made her stop all contact with them unless it’s on the phone or computer. He reads and censors her comments on social media.

He makes her feel like she's going crazy for thinking he’s controlling, and that she is being ungrateful. (After all, he’s only doing this because of how much he cares about her.)

He doesn’t want her going to the gym anymore, so she doesn’t go. He also doesn’t let her go to work anymore (he told her to only rely on him for income and that he will take care of her).

She's not really allowed to go out anymore, unless it’s for necessities, and when she does, he makes sure to have people guilt trip her about it and shame her for it.

He wants her to have this medical procedure done and tells her that if she does it, he will allow her more freedoms.

He constantly says he's only doing all of this because he cares... he is just doing it for her own good.

Oh wait....did I say husband? I meant the government.

My bad.

You have been conditioned to be outraged if another person did this to their spouse, but be passive & compliant when it comes to our government.

Rep. Ilhan Omar to Reintroduce Bill Creating Federal Board to Investigate ‘Brutality’ and Potentially Defund Police

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