Ban the use of prop guns glamorizing gun violence in Hollywood!!!! How Many More Have To Die????

Sheriff's office: Alec Baldwin discharged prop gun that killed crew member, wounded director

Actor Alec Baldwin discharged a “prop firearm” Thursday on a movie set south of Santa Fe, killing the director of photography for the film he was working on and wounding its director, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office said.

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How many actors have to die???? End Hollywood's glamorization of gun violence by banning prop guns!

"Demand a Plan" Parody: Celebrity Hypocrites Spewing Gun Control Propaganda Out Of Both Ends

Alec Baldwin prop gun shooting stirs memories of Brandon Lee's tragic death

Remembering Jon-Erik Hexum amid Alec Baldwin prop gun incident

People Really Killed by 'Fake' Weapons

“I Wonder How it Must Feel to Wrongfully Kill Someone” – Alec Baldwin’s 2017 Tweet Attacking a Cop Comes Back to Haunt Him

Well wonder no more you big D bag.

The Other Gun Culture That No One Dares to Mention ...

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NYPD Not Shedding Tears Over Baldwin's Threat to Leave City

Office of Director of National Intelligence Admits US Intel Community Spied on Trump

10.20.21: DEMOCRATS are "HIT(ting) THE ROAD JACK". IT's HAPPENING! Don't miss this. PRAY!

Keep up the pressure on your elected representatives in Washington DC and your Governors Patriots!

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Generally wavering Republican representatives on significant bills (ie., debt ceiling, CR, budget)

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Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-N.J.) (202) 225-6572
 Rep. John Katko (R-N.Y.) (202) 225-3701
 Rep. Don Bacon (R-Nebr.) 202-225-4155
 Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) 202-225-3761
 Rep. Adam Kinzinger - 202-225-3635
 Nicole Malliotakis - (202) 225-3371
 Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar - (202) 225-3931
 Jamie Herrera Butler - 202-225-3536

Thank you for holding the line/s Rand Paul Phone: 202-224-4343 and 270-782-8303 Ted Cruz Phone: 202-224-5922

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AUDIT UTAH: Patriots Organize Rally For a Full Forensic Audit At Committee Meeting WEDNESDAY AT UTAH CAPITOL!

Big Tech, a corrupt media, and dishonest politicians and prosecutors are trying to censor, silence and ruin the life of Kyle Rittenhouse. Fortunately, the truth is on his side, and every American who cares about protecting our basic right of self-defense has a stake in his trial.

To support Kyle’s legal defense and help him tell his story, please make a donation now.


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The Reality of Child Trafficking

EXCLUSIVE: Cops Allow PEDO Books In Schools

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